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Areas to entertain your guests...

Are you looking for a way to turn your backyard into a warm, inviting entertainment space? Let us plan your new outdoor space for family and friends with a spacious deck and added pergola. With so many aesthetically pleasing options to choose from, your new outdoor space will be one of a kind.


Decks are a great addition to recreational areas, such as around a pool, as well as a place for reflection after a long workday.


We’ll help you plan out the size and shape of the deck that meets your sense of style, and walk you through the several different decking options and materials.


With a new pergola, you can easily create a shaded spot to sit back and relax.


Our designer will come meet you for a consultation and inspect the area you want your pergola built.


The pergola can be a stand-alone feature with flagstone pavers, an extension of your house, or created as an additional feature to your custom decking area.

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