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Hardy and Beautiful Palms!

Updated: May 15

The PINDO Palm – Butia odorata

The Pindo Palm is the heartiest of the feather palm varieties and has a very tropical look.

The tree has a large trunk and the fronds are 6-8 feet long.

The fronds have a beautiful blue-green color, some look silver, like the Dwarf Bird of Paradise.

It usually reaches a height of 15-20 feet, much taller in its native habitat of Brazil, and Uruguay. The tree can reach 10-15’ wide.

Because of its large size and unique long fronds, it makes quite a specimen. This palm can also serve as a screen.

Depending on location, a Pindo can grow 6” to 12” a year!

Although a Pindo palm will not produce fruit for 8-10 years, when it does, you can eat the fruit fresh off the tree (most people chew it and spit out the fiber with the seed), it can be used to make jellies and jams (hence the nickname “Jelly Palm”) or ferment it into wine.

The most popular use for the Pindo is in our landscaping, ranking the specimen status.

Here are some interesting facts about the Pindo Palm:

  • The Pindo Palm is not toxic to humans or our pets.

  • Reliable to 5-10°, the Pindo stands up very well to cold temperatures, below that, protect the trunk.

  • Easy to grow, it is salt, heat, and drought tolerant!

  • Like most plants and trees, the Pindo appreciates a well-drained planting site and water during a drought.

  • It prefers to grow in partial to full sun…not so much in a fully shaded area.

  • A Pindo Palm can live to be 80 years old!

Now that you've learned a little bit about this tropical beauty, will you include it in your landscape? Call Beck Landscaping today and schedule your appointment so we can discuss your project and get these beauties to shine throughout your property!

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