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Hello Summer!

Updated: Mar 15

Welcome, Summer! As temperatures soar, it's essential to arm yourself with knowledge on how to protect your gardens and landscape areas from the scorching heat.

Whether you reside in Texas or beyond, understanding the impact of outdoor temperatures is crucial for maintaining thriving outdoor spaces. Here are some invaluable tips to beat the heat and keep your landscape flourishing:

  1. Lawn Care Essentials: As the mercury rises, raise the lawnmower blade to avoid cutting grass too short. Longer grass provides shade for the roots, shielding them from the heat and drought stress.

  2. Azalea Care: Ensure your Azaleas stay well-watered, especially during the summer months, as they are busy setting next year's flowers. Consistent moisture is key to their long-term health and vibrant blooms.

  3. Deep Watering Technique: Encourage robust root growth by implementing deep watering practices. Water plants for shorter periods but more frequently to promote downward root growth, particularly beneficial for combating runoff issues.

  4. Bird Bath Placement: If birds are pecking at your tomatoes, consider placing a bird bath nearby. Birds may be seeking moisture, and providing a water source can deter them from damaging your fruit.

  5. Tree Health Check: Keep a close eye on the health of your trees. If they show signs of stress, enrich the soil beneath their canopy with rich compost to revitalize them and promote vigorous growth.

  6. Caladium Care: Ensure your Caladium bulbs receive ample water, especially if their greenery is visible. Failure to water adequately may result in the disappearance of foliage, so keep them well-hydrated during the summer heat.

  7. Optimal Watering Time: Water your plants in the early morning hours to minimize water loss through evaporation. Many plants enter a semi-dormant state during the heat of the day to conserve energy, so watering in the morning allows them to absorb moisture more efficiently.

  8. Pecan Tree Maintenance: Protect developing pecans by ensuring pecan trees receive adequate water. Consistent watering is crucial for healthy nut development and tree vigor.

  9. Mulch Renewal: Revitalize your landscape by renewing mulch layers that have become thin. Mulch helps retain soil moisture and regulates soil temperature, providing essential protection for your plants during summer's heat.

Remember to prioritize your own hydration needs during the hot summer months and enjoy all the season has to offer! If you're ready to tackle your summer landscaping projects, don't hesitate to reach out to Beck Landscaping. Our expert team is here to turn your outdoor dreams into reality. Let's make this summer one to remember with a stunning and resilient landscape that thrives in the heat. Contact us today to get started!


Tips come from Brenda Beust Smith, The Lazy Gardener, re-visited by Anna Whatley - Thanks Brenda!

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