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Hello Summer!

Hello Summer, and Hello to all of you out there dealing with high outdoor temperatures this time of year!

Whether you live in Texas or not, a good understanding of how outside temperatures affect your gardens and landscape areas this time of year is crucial. Right now, the Heat is On! Here are a few pointers to consider for this time of year:

  1. Raise the lawnmower blade. Cutting grass too short exposes the roots to heat & drought.

  2. Keep Azaleas well-watered, they are setting next year’s flowers now.

  3. Deep water plants force roots to grow downward instead of sideways. Water for shorter periods of time, but more often - this will help to get the moisture down, especially if you have a run-off problem.

  4. Put a bird bath near your tomatoes if you have birds pecking the fruit, often they are looking for moisture.

  5. Keep an eye on trees. If they show stress, rich compost spread beneath the canopy has been known to produce dramatic positive results.

  6. Water bulbs with greenery showing, Caladiums may disappear if not well watered now.

  7. Water in the early morning. Many plants go semi-dormant to conserve energy, they return when temperatures drop. Evening wilting is normal, self-preservation. If they are still wilted in the morning, water.

  8. Keep pecan trees watered well to protect developing pecans.

  9. Renew mulch, if getting thin.

Always remember to drink lots of water yourself and have a great summer!


Tips come from Brenda Beust Smith, The Lazy Gardener, re-visited by Anna Whatley - Thanks Brenda!

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