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Spring is right around the corner!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind!

March is here, which means Spring is right around the corner. As landscape and outdoor enthusiasts, there are several things that should be on our minds to consider. To name a few:

  1. It’s time to “green up” the lawn. Here at Beck Landscaping LLC, we offer annual lawn fertilization, weed, pest, insect, and fungus control services. Our products are pet-friendly and human-safe. We use organic fertilizers (liquid and granular) that have proven results.

  2. Power wash your driveway. Your driveway, especially its overall look and integrity is a direct reflection of the condition of your property and has a major impact on the aesthetics of your yard. We can help you by offering our power washing services. However, is your driveway old and cracked; damaged from tree roots? Not to worry, as we also specialize in damaged driveway removal, disposal of the concrete, and new driveway/sidewalk pours. Also, you may consider taking your driveway to the next level by installing concrete pavers, manufactured by Keystone (Pavestone) or Belgard. Whatever you prefer, consider Beck Landscaping LLC to assist with all of your driveway needs.

  3. Ready, plant, fertilize! With winter gone, it’s almost time for spring plantings and we are here to help. Whether you are installing a new pool, re-doing your front yard landscape, or are in need of a full landscape masterplan, we can help. Call or book your appointment online to meet with one of our landscape design specialists. We have the knowledge, creativity, and passion to turn your landscaping vision into reality. Also, don’t forget to accent your new landscape with new low voltage landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting is by far one of the most incredible and aesthetically impactful services that we offer. We use only the best product, manufactured by Kichler, and offer a 15-yearfull-on warranty of most products.

  4. Consider a shade structure just in time for summer. Remember that we can achieve shade in many ways, whether it be planting a tree or building a full on covered patio extension with a shingled roof. However we choose to achieve shade, it’s always beneficial in the extreme summer months that we have here in the Houston area. We can help you choose the best specimen of a tree for your yard, and can plant virtually any size. If you want to start small, we can offer 15 or 30-gallon specimens. However, if you have the “bigger is better” mentality, we can assist in locating and planting much larger trees, in B&B format and 100 gallon plus sizes. Building a pergola is also another option. We offer many different pergola options and can customize them to best suit your needs.

  5. Want to take it one step further? Yes! We offer full patio extensions, outdoor kitchens, shingled roofs, and ceiling fans!

Get inspired and landscape away!

We hope that all of this information is helpful and we look forward to assisting you in your upcoming projects. Please do not hesitate to call or email with your outdoor design and construction projects. We strive to be the best and take pride in every project that we install and complete.

Happy landscaping!

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