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Fenced Outdoor Equipment

Never worry again about people peeking in, or your pets getting out!

Beck Landscaping builds a variety of fences. Adding the right style of fence to your landscaped property will provide beauty, functionality and security. 

Fences can be designed in a variety of heights and styles. Privacy fences are pressure treated pine or cedar. We also offer staining and painting services. 

New Fence Beck Landscaping

There are many options when we build privacy fences.  The most popular and basic option is 4" x 4" pressure treated posts set in concrete, framed using (3) horizontal 2" x 4" pressure treated "stringers", and finished with a ground contact, pressure treated 1" x 6" rotboard and 5 1/2" x 6' pressure treated, dog eared pickets. We construct our fences with star drive deck screws, and no nails are used because often nails eventually pull out, leading to obvious problems. 


Upgrades from the basic option include upgrading posts from pressure treated to galvanized (metal posts), upgrading pickets (we can offer true 6" x 6' pickets, which are also thicker and will last longer, or cedar pickets.  We also offer ornamental metal fencing made of  steel or aluminum.  Ornamental fences are offered in several different styles as well as 4" and 6' height options. 

We can also provide locking hardware for gates and all entry gates to pools are equipped with self closing hardware.  

Another type of fence screen that we offer is louvered, which are built to screen around an AC unit or pool equipment. 

If you live in a residential area that has an HOA, we will need to confirm with their bi-laws of what fence types and heights are acceptable to install in your neighborhood. If no restrictions are in place, we will install any type of fencing you choose.

New Patio Gate Beck Landscaping
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