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Simply Majestic!


This Seabrook project included an extensive patio expansion, along with new walkways across the back, opening to smaller sitting areas and down the side of the home to the driveway.


The existing arbor/pergola structure was the inspiration for the new 'very beefy' pergola in front of the outdoor kitchen, covering the larger sitting area. Hanging from it, is the new swing and it frames the fantastic view of Taylor Lake from the Seabrook side.


Patio Extension & New Walkways





A very generous amount and variety of palms (Florida, Windmill, Medjool, TX & FL Sabals) were added to the landscape and accented by our amazing Kichler low voltage lighting.


The new lighting is also included in the steps to the water and lighting from above to showcase the new landscapes and hardscapes Beck installed.


Custom stonework with massive boulders holds the beds.


Giant hanging baskets are filled with beautiful color and gorgeous Urns also spill over with luscious plant material, all automatically irrigated.

Brian's vision really came to life in this property!


Updates in the front yard were also made during the renovation.


Installation was Late Summer & Fall of 2022.

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