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Are you putting in a pool this year? Or updating your landscape? DON’T BE AFRAID OF TROPICAL

We live in an area that is tropical friendly most of the time. Many of us want tropical, but worry about hard freezes. We can suggest many palms that are cold hardy, offering the tropical feel that you yearn for when you are relaxing around your pool or backyard garden.

Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting cold hardy palms, so keep an eye out for our next few blogs. Sneak peek:

· Windmill Palm

· Pindo Palm

· Mediterranean Fan Palm

· Florida Sabal

Here are several more options. Just know that they typically need a little extra protection if and when the temperatures dive extra low.

· Texas Sabal

· Sylvester Palm

· Mule Palm

· Medjool Palm

· Chinese Fan Palm

Our wrapping process has proven itself trustworthy. In our last 20° bout that lasted practically 36 hours, the trees that we wrapped held up to the incredibly cold temps.

Beck goes the extra mile by using insulated moving blankets and wrapping the palms in the most strategic areas. It is most important to protect the heart of the palm. We can do this for you, as we love preserving our beautiful palm trees! Another step that can be taken is using heating components within the blankets.

While there is no guarantee on plant material during freezing temps, it certainly puts the odds in our favor. Please don’t hesitate to call us for help, and remember, “Don’t be afraid of tropical”. Let us help you work with nature, even when the elements get tough.

We wish you and your plants well & all the best!


Brian & Anna

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