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Happy 2023!

It's time to apply pre-emergent, as our winter temperatures have been warm (except for the week it wasn't...). This will make all the difference come spring and summer regarding weeds in our lawns and beds.

A few excellent products that we recommend are:

  • Anderson's 18-0-4 Barricade (prodiamine .426)

  • Hi-Yield Crabgrass Preventer contains Dimension(dithiopyr) and comes in granular or liquid

  • Bayer for Southern Lawns 3 in 1 (indaziflam)

Read Labels, as some say not to use near waterways and ponds, and they are toxic to fish. These are not organic products, but we offer organic fertilizers such as Medina to help "green up" your lawn.

Cleanup is a necessity after our blast of below-freezing temps. Some trimming is needed, but the general rule of thumb is not to cut all the way back in case there is another freeze. It's hard to really know exactly when the cold fronts will subside, as that could already be the case. So, we can trim at your own risk, but once the weather for sure warms up, trimming off all dead plant material is advised, along with fertilizer applications, to give plants the optimal chance of thriving again.

It is the perfect time to plant hardwood trees (not most palms-save for spring& summer), as they will have a running start for the spring and summer growth spurts. Good choices for our area can be found in this great guide from Texas A&M:


This cool site allows you to put in your county and make some other choices to get the right tree for your spot(s).

Weeding and adding some winter color and mulch will make everything look better and help our hearts and attitudes after our losses from the freeze. Don't forget to water before and if another freeze is forecasted!

Beck Landscaping is booking for 2023 spring projects NOW!

Give us a call to make your appointment. We are looking forward to another great year!

Thanks for reading,

Anna & Brian

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