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Hardy and Beautiful Palms!

Updated: Mar 15

The MEDITERRANEAN (European) Fan Palm - Chamaerops humilis

The Med Fan is a beautiful multi-trunk palm with fan-shaped fronds, they have divided segments that come to a point, but are not sharp. The trunk is typically 6-8 inches thick and has retained leaf bases and fibers. It is not a smooth trunk palm.

They are native to Southern Europe along the Mediterranean coast.

The average mature height of the Med Fan is 6-10’ in our area.

They can get as wide as they are tall.

This palm makes an excellent specimen, but maybe not right away.

The Med Fan is a slow grower, typically about 6” per year.

The Med Fan puts off new growth at the bottom, creating more trunks.

As the tree matures, trunks can be removed if it gets too full or too tall. The Med Fan makes a good screen, as it fills large spaces.

The lower growing habit is a nice accent to the taller palms.

The Med Fan is non-toxic to humans, cats, and dogs. The fruit of the Med Fan is not edible. This palm is drought resistant, but when getting established, needs weekly watering or when the ground becomes dry.

This palm will grow slower in the shade, but the fronds may get larger with less sunlight. The typical

leaf diameter is two feet. The stems do have rather sharp, curved spines, use gloves when pruning and eye protection. It loves the full sun and heat, yet will survive below 10°.

A simply wonderful option to include in your landscape!!! Call Beck Landscaping today to schedule a consult and let's include some of these beautiful Palms in your design!

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